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Ground Rent Market is a privately owned wholly independent professional agent, acting for freeholders in the disposal of ground rent assets.

Our formation has been the result of many years of experience within the property sector, and a realisation that there is a genuine need to provide freeholders with a service to ensure that they achieve maximum value in a market where there is such a high level of variance.


"Variances of up to 100% between highest and lowest offers are not uncommon."





Ground Rent Market has the primary aim of achieving the highest value for the sale of your freehold asset by placing the opportunity into a wide transparent marketplace and encouraging best open market bids. Our experience has shown that there can be a great disparity between the value of offers made by investor purchasers due to their general appetite, portfolio requirements and funding position at the time of the opportunity.

"We are able to achieve sales values which are 15-20% higher"


Our success is built on a total commitment to act in the best interests of our clients. Feedback has confirmed that on average we are able to achieve sales values which are 15-20% higher than those obtained directly by the freeholder.


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The Ground Rent Market philosophy is simple – to achieve best value. Our independence and the fact that we do not purchase investments ourselves enables us to effectively market the opportunity with complete impartiality to a wide selection of interested parties.

"The wider and more open the market the higher the sales value."


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The process of achieving a sale is simple and Ground Rent Market will advise on the requirements for optimum interest and value.


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Ground Rent Market can advise on the most appropriate method with a full understanding of the commercial situation and requirements"


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By choosing Ground Rent Market without any obligation to obtain the best offers for your freehold assets, you simply have nothing to loose !


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