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"Maximise your ground rent freehold value with Ground Rent Market."




As well as marketing existing freehold ground rent assets, Ground Rent Market is able to provide experience, expertise and advice on the following:

Maximisation of future freehold asset values

Lease structures play a major part in the investment value of any development. Terms, management and insurance responsibilities, ground rent amounts and growth provision all have a significant effect on residual freehold values. By involving Ground Rent Market at an early stage of any development, freeholders can greatly enhance the marketability and value of their future assets.

Legal Assistance

We have links with a number of very experienced legal firms who specialise in the drafting of leases and can also act in the freehold sale process to ensure that completion occurs as swiftly as possible.

In some instances the setting up of management company leases for the common parts of the estate can negate the need to issue Section V Notices. Clear drafting of landlord and tenant obligations to remove any ambiguity can also assist in enhancing subsequent sale values.


We also have links to independent brokers who are able to offer very competitive terms on buildings and public liability insurances.


We are able to put you in contact with specialist block/estate management companies who offer professional and commercial services.











By choosing Ground Rent Market without any obligation to obtain the best offers for your freehold assets, you simply have nothing to loose !

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